I want to send a shout out to Chris. He did a fantastic job. My band had really tricky instrumentation up there on stage with 13 people, strings, harp, oboe, trombones, all kinds of stuff. And the feedback I got over and over again from folks in the crowd was that everything was crystal clear. They could hear all the instruments and details and everything, clearly, great volume, all that.
So again, great work Chris. Thanks for making the band sound great.

-Jason Levis, Joseph’s Bones


I wanted to thank you again for an absolutely fabulous show. It just brings everything up an extra 10 notches when the sound person is as awesome as you are and so professional and completely on it. I would be honored to work with you in the future and you have such great energy.

-Deborah Axe, Dya Tribal


This is the second year my band, The Anita Lofton Project, has worked with Chris. He is professional, accommodating, courteous, grounded, has zero attitude and will give you exactly what you want. I’ve toured the US and internationally and Chris is by far one of the “Best in the Business”. My next tour, I may have to bribe him to come with us.

-Anita Lofton, The Anita Lofton Project


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Chris on many occasions as a performer with MJ’s Brass Boppers and also as a curator of shows he’s worked with my company, Them People Productions. He’s always extremely professional, flexible, and thorough. Working with quality audio professionals like Chris make our jobs much easier. I highly recommend him and his services.

-Nate Cameron Jr., Them People Productions


Chris is a find! We played a show at Ashkenaz and we couldn’t ask for a more attentive, calm and competent sound engineer. We play music from the Balkans so have several different instruments and he handled all the changes efficiently. The monitor sound was great and everyone said the house was good too. He is fast and always paying attention. We look forward to working with him a lot!”

-Lise Liepman, Edessa


“I’d like to say a very special extra thank you to Chris, your superb sound person. It was a big show, with what turned out to be seven different acts ranging from the quiet a cappella of Kitka and the subtle (and hard to mic) sounds of Keith’s body music to the thunderous sounds of the 15 member Gamelan Jegog. As you might expect, there were some last minute adjustments that had to be made and Chris responded perfectly. The sound was great and Chris’ competence and quiet demeanor made the show run almost seamlessly.”

-Jim Hogan (excerpt from email to Ashkenaz re Save the Hills Benefit concert)


“My band, Mitch Polzak and the Royal Deuces, have had the pleasure of working with Chris Miner at our Ashkenaz shows. He is everything you hope for in a professional sound man.
1) On time
2) On purpose
3) Focused and sober
4) No attitude
5) Excellent knowledge of the board, room, mics, vocal blending and compression, and understands the onstage sound VS room sound.
6) Chris is very attentive the entire show, watching the band, not staring at the board and constantly fiddling with knobs or effects.
7) He checks in with each band member throughout the show as well as after the show to make sure things went OK. He seeks to bring the sound the band and style requires instead of shoving a template onto a group.
8) If there is a feedback problem or an unexpected equipment malfunction, he goes about solving the problem cool under fire and finds a way to fix it.

I look forward to working with him in the future.”

– Mitch Polzak, Mitch Polzak and the Royal Deuces


“I am violinist for the Jewish Cultural Revival band, Mostly Kosher, based in Los Angeles. We did not know what to expect, really, in booking our Bay Area CD release gig at Ashkenaz, but it couldn’t have been a better experience, and so much of that was thanks to Chris’ professionalism. Some sound engineers get thrown by an eight piece band with guest artists and band members who are multi-instrumentalists, but not Chris. He was on top of it, and very accommodating to our sound needs. We look forward to working with Chris again!!
– Janice Mautner Markham, MOSTLY KOSHER


“Many thanks, Chris, for being such a gracious and competent sound engineer for our gala event! We so appreciated your help leading up to, setting up for, and during the event. It was great to know that the tech side of things was in good hands, and your kindness and professionalism made the whole experience wonderful.

– Elizabeth Fraser, The Oakland Institute


“Hey Chris, It was a pleasure to have worked with you at Ashkenaz Music and Dance Community Center. I must say again that you’re a wonderful sound technician and a great human being. You made me and the band sound so comfortable on stage and the audience reaction was a testimony to your great work. Will definitely request your services again next time around. Keep up the good work, buddy.”

– Baba Ken Okulolo (of Baba Ken & Kotoja), Berkeley, CA


“I have worked with Chris extensively, setting up the PA and running shows at Ashkenaz Music & Dance Center. He is a careful listener, a knowledgeable engineer, and keeps his cool even under the stress of hurried soundchecks or troubleshooting during a show.”

– Joe Balestreri, Lead Sound Engineer at Ashkenaz Music and Dance Center, Berkeley, CA


“Chris recently ran live sound for the Adrian West Trio when we played in a park in Emeryville as part of a summer concert series. He did a fantastic job and was super-easy to work with. He was also willing to help me with the schlepping of gear which not every soundperson is willing to do. Thank you Chris, I look forward to working with you again.”

– Adrian West, Adrian West Trio


“I have had the opportunity to witness Chris working on sets and production and noticed his balance of creativity, focus, professionalism, and genuine connection with everyone. He seems at home amongst the musicians, and the technology. I look forward to collaborating with [him] in the world someday. The world is a better place with Chris Miner in it!”

– Wendy Marie, Curator Ecstatic Dance Palo Alto


“I had the pleasure of working with Chris many years ago on his solo project, Pisces Shadow. Even back then, he was open to improvisation and experimentation with sound. And he didn’t just tolerate it, he wanted it. All this means that Chris is a unique individual, without prejudices towards one type of sound or another. He simply loves sound, all of it. The joy he feels working with the medium he loves can easily be heard in his recordings, and he’s a great guy to boot.”

– Kylyra, of Independent Record Label, Darkworld International


“Chris handles audio set-up and the soundboard at Ecstatic Dance Oakland on Wednesday nights where I’m in the DJ rotation. Chris is attentive, knowledgeable, super friendly, and easy to work with. He’s got a great ear for the subtleties in music and is skillful at customizing the sound for my taste. I’m always happy to see him at the helm when I arrive for Ecstatic Dance!”

– Peter Weinstein, aka Baron Von Spirit


“As Floor Manager at Ashkenaz, I can truly say working with Chris is a blessing. He is reliable, quick, organized, and keeps the show moving smoothly from set-up through soundcheck, on to change in bands. He is so easy going and relaxed through it all, making him one of my favorite sound engineers in the house!!!!”

– Mary Stone, Floor Manager Ashkenaz Music and Dance Center


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