Live Sound/Clients

As an accomplished live sound engineer I’ve done sound for music performances ranging from solo acts to nineteen piece ensembles, speaking panels, live theater, film screenings, and church services. I have worked with a wide variety of artists and genres at various venues around the Bay Area.

As your live sound engineer, I’ll help make your outdoor concert, indoor house party, theatre show, weekend festival, one-time dance event, and everything in between, sound great, and also help create a positive and uplifting sonic experience for artists, listeners, dancers, promoters, and everyone involved.

Contact me to talk about rates and scheduling.

I currently do (or have done) sound at the following venues:

 IMG_3322 2

¬†Some of the artists and bands I’ve worked with include:

  • Karamo Susso (West-African kora music)IMG_3325
  • Massamba Diop (Black Panther soundtrack lead drummer, Afro Celt Sound System)
  • The Skatalites
  • The Anita Lofton Project (Rock, Black Neo-Folk)
  • Valerie Trout & Mooncandy (Live House Music)
  • Old Blind Dogs (Scottish Folk)
  • Mickey Hart
  • Zakir Hussain

  • Kaminanda (EDM)
  • Yellowman (Reggae)
  • Orchestra Gold (African Rock) IMG_4529

  • Baba Ken Okulolo (Afrobeat)
  • Alia (EDM/Bass)
  • Pato Banton (Reggae)

  • Dragonfly (EDM)

  • Dogon Lights (World-beat)

  • Stu Allen (Psychedelic Rock)
  • Baraka Moon (Sufi Trance)
  • Forgotten Space (Psychedelic Rock)

  • Mike Love (Roots)

  • Paula Fuga (Roots)

  • SambaDa (Afro-Samba-Funk)
  • SF Panhandlers (Brazillian)
  • Asheba (Kid’s music)
  • American Nomad (Folk-Bluegrass)
  • Steve Lucky and the Rhumba Bums (Swing)

  • Ryan Herr (Electronica fussion)
  • Tom Rigney and Flambeau (Cajun/Zydecco)
  • Baron Von Spirit (EDM)
  • Mama Crow (New-folk-fussion)

  • Bandworks
  • I-Trinity (Reggae)
  • Mitch Polzak and The Royal Deuces (Cajun/Country/Rockabilly)
  • Rocker T and 7th St. Band (Reggae) 20140926_011023-1





Live Videos:

I did not make or originally post these videos, and the audio quality is not indicative of the actual sound of the performances, however, they do give a sense of some of the events I have engineered live sound for.