Audio Mastering

Quality Audio Mastering at Affordable Rates

Take your music to the next level, and get your album, EP, individual track, or other sonic project mastered by a professional sound engineer.

I specialize in helping artists and bands who have recorded and mixed their material in their home or project studio. I work with a combination of analog and digital gear, using traditional and contemporary techniques. I work out of my studio in Berkeley, California, and I can help you just as easily if you are locally situated in the Bay Area, or halfway around the world.

There are lots of cheap DIY software tools available, and some CD replication places will try and lure you by offering seemingly good deals on mastering. The problem with the DIY audio mastering approach is that you don’t get an experienced sound engineer with trained ears who will give your creation the attention it deserves and needs. Similarly, the glass mastering offered by many CD replication warehouses doesn’t take into account the nuances and specifics of your project. They’ll simply run it through a program using one of several presets that will not do justice to your music. Conversely, you can go with a big name audio mastering house like Bernie Grundman, but that could cost you thousands of dollars.

I offer a middle way. I’ll use my experience and knowledge to¬† give your work the care it requires, but you won’t end up spending a fortune.

Let’s work together to make your music sound its best!

Check out some of my audio mastering and other production work on my Audio Reel page.

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