About Chris

Chris Miner has been working with audio for the past 20 years in a variety of live and studio settings. He has have trained his ears to listen carefully to the subtleties of sound, and he’ll listen to you in order to meet your personal needs. Chris knows that every artist and project is different, and he truly enjoys working with and getting to know a broad range of artists and their unique sonic visions. He is just as comfortable in a studio environment as he is working a live event. Chris discovered the healing power, ecstasy, and joy of music and dance at a young age, and promises to bring that passion to your project.

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chris minerChris is available for:

  • Mastering
  • Live Sound
  • Music Production
  • Studio Work – Recording, Editing, Mixing
  • Sound Design and Consultation
  • Composing and Arranging

“Music has always been a spiritual practice for me. I feel closest to the divine when working with music. It reminds me that the divine (or whatever you want to call god) is at once immanent and transcendent. We use music to get in touch with our truest selves and each other. We use it to escape worldly pain and suffering, to reach for something more than what is seemingly offered on this earthly plane, and in doing so, we create little pieces of heaven all around and inside. We use music to seek out the light, and when we do, we become that light.”  – Chris Miner

Chris started playing guitar and writing songs as a high schooler in the early and mid 90’s. He was very taken and inspired by the rich and layered sounds of bands like SWANS, My Bloody Valentine, and The Cure. He loves, and has a soft spot for, experimental and post-rock bands like Sigur Ros, MONO, and This Will Destroy You, although he also listens to and admires a wide array of artists (Leonard Cohen, Dan Bern, The Black Angels, Spiritualized, The Flaming Lips, Cheb i Sabbah, and many many more!).

Chris has experience working in lots of unique genres outside of those directly related to rock, such as: Qawwali, Cajun, Bluegrass, Folk, Reggae, Big Band Swing, Gypsy Jazz, EDM, Afro-beat, Cumbia, Salsa, Mali kora music, North African, Klezmer, Hindustani, Hip Hop, and more. He has done a fair amount of traveling, and likes to bring back instruments from various places he’s visited (Western Europe, India, China, Japan, Australia, Papua New Guinea, and most states in the US). In addition to live and studio music productions, Chris has recorded dialog for a NASA documentary, done A/V set-up for film screenings, speaking panels, and theatre.

Chris’ first foray into audio production involved recording himself onto cassette tapes in his old boom box. He quickly figured out that he could make pseudo multi-track recordings by first  recording vocals and acoustic guitar onto a cassette in the boom box, then playing back that cassette recording from a second stereo system, while playing along on his electric guitar, and recording that onto the boom box again. The recordings and methods were rough, but they were a start. By the time Chris graduated high school, he had purchased his first 4-track recorder, and started making proper multi-track recordings. Chris used that first 4-track to produce several self-released albums, beginning in 1996. He also made some demos that he used to land a recording deal with a small label called Dark World, Inc. The albums he recorded, and co-produced with Dark World, Inc. were done on ADATs. Shortly after making the albums with Dark World, Inc., Chris bought a CD recorder, and started experimenting with live recordings. Chris produced tons of direct to CD recordings, using an “all pre, and no post” production technique. He ran a small project studio in San Diego county from about 2003-2009. In 2005, Chris founded Mind Altering Records, purchased Pro-Tools, and went back to making multi-track productions.

Chris took somewhat of a hiatus from producing music in order to go back to school in late 2009. He moved to the Bay Area in 2010, and graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Religious Studies in 2013. Chris is currently working on his first ever completely solo project, tentatively titled, Intimate Portraits and Ambient Gestures.
Aside from working with music, Chris has written and published a fair amount of poetry and some other articles. He’s also quite the cat lover.

Feel free to CONTACT Chris to discuss your project or audio needs, ask about his rates, or to talk about cats.

chris miner sound“Music and Love are the same.” – Simon Van Booy